The Russian It-Girl

The daughter of a famous Russian politician, the former editor of special projects, the fashion columnist of Russian Harper’s Bazaar, the author of Vogue and Glamour, a welcome guest at international fashion shows and the Russian beauty, Miroslava Duma, has become popular in Russia and in the West due to her innate sense of style and lack of fear to risk, to experiment and to combine incongruous. No other way than The Russian It-Girl call her foreign mass media. In Russia people are trying to model themselves on her or otherwise sharply criticize her. Deservedly? Miroslava says that “was afflicted with fashion, for as long as she can remember herself.” Always experimented with clothes, altered and combined it. Style of the journalist is individual and bright. She manages to get first all fashion things of new collections and her faithful companions from 18 years old are high heels and platform-soles. As for the accessories she prefers massive necklace and classic bags by Hermes. Coats are the real Miroslava´s fetish: short, long, classic, flared or straight, her wardrobe is full of them. Miroslava boldly combines fabrics and textures, but often appears in the classical images. Most frequently the girl chooses A-line skirts above the knee. Another favorite kind of clothes of Duma is oversize jacket, which creates multilayer effect and lightness. She does not keep away from bright colors that not only allow you to stand out from the crowd, but also cheer you up. Miroslava has brought into the fashion so-called street sporty style and knitted caps. Moreover, she is one of the few Russian girls who manage to show brilliantly to the world the original Russian style and knows how to wear scarves and hats with a charm. No matter what they say, Miroslava knows

perfectly how to dress: bright, stylish and with taste. Therefore, not only the Russian, but also foreign, attempt to look like her, and fashion designers are invited her to the forefront of their shows.

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