The lifeblood of Spanish springs

This year is supposed to be perfect for health tourism, claimed Secretary of State for Tourism Isabel Borrego during the exhibition Fitur 2015. The Government is actively implementing programs aimed at attracting tourists wishing to improve their health to the country’s spas.

It is estimated that in Spain there are about two thousand mineral and thermal springs and many of them have Spa centers. In addition, in the Spanish resorts thalassotherapy techniques are used actively. Groundwater and seawater, the healing mud, salt and algae, combined with pure air, are capable of doing real miracles.


The spas of the country are mainly concentrated in Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia, since springs have different chemical structure, or are situated just near the sea all of them have different types of treatments. Some of them already exist for over 100 years. In Andalucia are offered excellent treatments for all types of cystitis and urinary infections, kidney stones, etc. People come to Murcia searching for treatments for musculoskeletal; and salinity of local waters is especially beneficial for people suffering from skin diseases. The purification and detoxification of the body is offered in Valencia. The doctors here will help you to lose weight, offering guidance for a proper diet.


Catalonia is perhaps the most comprehensive region in terms of healing waters: there is a wide variety of spas that treat diseases of the respiratory, digestive, nervous system, circulatory system, and musculoskeletal problems or skin irritations. Therefore, while naming a few of the leading resorts in the country, we should particularly note that there are 16 resorts with spas. Six of which are located in the central part of the region, three on Costa Brava, two on the Costa Dorada, three on Costa del Maresme and two in the Pyrenees.

Vichy Catalan

The region has 49 springs; water in some of them is recommended for intake and is sold in almost any store. One of the best known brands is Vichy Catalán, which is being marketed since 1881! With its mineral structure it is similar to the hot spring water of the famous French spa Vichy. In total in the country there are more than one hundred brands of bottled water. But the main supplier of mineral water in Spain is Catalonia, and more specifically — foothills in northeastern area. National Bottled Water Association (ANEABE – Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Aguas de Bebida Envasadas) is in charge of preparing water for selling.

The municipality of Caldes de Montbui is the oldest spa region in Catalonia, which is situated just outside Barcelona. It was founded by Romans, although Iberian tribes have used these thermal waters long before the arrival of Romans.


The water temperature in the local spring – the hottest in Spain – reach the mark of 74 degrees Celsius. The city has excellent Spa-hotels, as for example, Balneari Termes Victòria, Balneari Broquetas or Balneari Vila de Caldes. Here you can find such procedures as respiratory disease prevention or anti aging programs. This spa also offers treatments for rheumatism.


La Garriga is considered to be the most privileged resort in the region, located in 35 kilometers far from Barcelona. This province is known for its hot springs (temperature: 56 degrees) since the times of the Roman Empire. The first clinic was opened here in the mid-fifteenth century. Representatives of the Catalan bourgeoisie went there for treatment. Today, as in antiquity, jet set regularly visit La Garriga to improve health. Their favorite place to stay is the Gran Hotel Balneario Blancafort 4 * (which was founded in 1840), opened in 2002, after the total reconstruction. In this hotel once have stayed the King Philip VI. The guests of this resort are treated with the best care possible, ensuring the harmony of body and soul. Center specializes in the treatment and prevention of depression, dermatitis, insomnia, migraine, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, kidney, stomach. Furthermore, there is a possibility to have a weight normalization program.


If we talk about other areas of Spain, Archena spa deserves special attention, it is located northwest of Murcia, in the valley of the River Segura. Known since 1869, this resort is one of the most popular in the coastal area of the country. In Spain hotels and local welfare centers perform treatments of neurosis, depression and skin diseases. The water temperature of some local springs reaches 52 degrees. And the spa waters are rich with sulfur, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium.


Also we would like to note some wellness centers that deserve special attention, historical balneological hotels such as Hotel Balneario Villa de Olmedo in Castilla y León, Balneario de Solares in Cantabria, Gran Hotel Las Calda in Asturias, Hotel Balneario Guitiriz in Galicia and the Gran Hotel Cascada in Aragón, among many others.

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