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Last year in June international media paid special attention to Spain: Spanish King Juan Carlos I has abdicated, handing over power to the legitimate heir, his son Felipe. He was born on January 30, had an excellent education, and at the age of 46 became a new king.


On the day of Coronation the King Felipe VI was wearing military officer suit of the highest rank. Everybody was admiring him. Ladies were whispering: the new king is really handsome and looks like a true aristocrat. He is almost two meters height!


Despite the fact, that he is a person of high rank, he is a modest man, devoted husband and family man, who spends much time with his wife Letizia and their two charming daughters. People really like the king. The royal couple is not hesitate to communicate with ordinary people, prefers affordable Spanish clothing brands like Mango and Adolfo Domínguez and actively participates in social life. King enjoys reading, going to the cinema with the whole family, and in the evenings he goes out to have dinner with his wife and friends. He is interested in astronomy. Another of his hobbies is sport. He likes cars and motorcycles and loves sailing.


Designer Roberto Torretta claims that the King of Spain has a perfect style and compelling stage presence. According to Roberto Torretta a beard suits the king more than a clean-shaven look. However, the designer recommends Felipe to add some modern details to his perfect classic image. For example, it may be ties with small knots, colored prints, slightly form-fitting suits, etc.


Felipe dresses like a real aristocrat, respecting etiquette norms and rules. He prefers gray and blue tones of clothing rather than bright colors. He always adds accessories of different tones to diversify his image. In every day life the king prefers simple clothes and doesn’t try to stand out from the crowd. The royal kids have been instilled an ability not to show their level of income from childhood. Aristocrats recognize each other not by their looks, but by the manner to behave and speak. So the new king of Spain is a real aristocrat!

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