The dressmaker from Galicia

Roberto VerinoThe Spanish designer Roberto Verino a native of Galicia, the owner of more than 150 fashion boutiques worldwide, gave us an exclusive interview.

You have started your career in Galicia, far from the strategic fashion centers. What were the reasons for this decision?

Although I have disappointed many businessmen with this decision, but it was quite sentimental. Galicia is my land and when I came back from Paris, where I have studied fashion, I accepted a challenge to turn a small family business into a big fashion brand. At that time it was very difficult to make this dream come true, but still it was possible. Although the example of the world leading company like Inditex, that was also founded in Galicia 25 years ago, showed me that this is no such a bad place to start conquering the world.

How did you develop your projects?

Сalmly and gradually… I think I have always maintained a commitment to quality and utility. Everything could change: the length of skirts or using of shoulder pads, needless to say about the constant return of certain colors and materials, but the products by Roberto Verino have always been defined by its quality.

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In your opinion, what is the best podium in the world?

In recent years it was undoubtedly Milan. Now, it seems that Paris begins to regain its former crown.

You have over 150 stores worldwide and you keep opening new markets, which of them are the most awaited ones?

– There is a market for which I feel a special weakness, this is New York. But for sure not for quantitative, but rather for qualitative reasons.


What designers do you admire?

Many of them… Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent…

Besides fashion you have other interests. You work with interiors, are involved in winemaking and have reached success in these areas…

I make an excellent wine and create collections for home, and don’t ever forget, that the real success requires good value for money. I’m always willing to show that the brand Roberto Verino is a benchmark of quality.

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