The stylish champion Xabi Alonso

World champion and two-time European champion Spanish citizen Xabi Alonso is famous not only as an outstanding football player, but also is known for his elegant and at the same time casual style.


Men in Spain and all across Europe copy his style; although it was not always like this. Skeptics say that the style of football player is not innate, but rather acquired. We can not say for sure if staying in England has influenced the style of Xabi or something else, but what is undeniable is that after he has returned from Liverpool the difference was obvious. The style of Alonso has become more elegant and risky.

Alonso knows what suits him and how to match it. The football player usually prefers elegant black suits that fit him perfectly; that is why Xabi looks great at parties, presentations and other events.


Due to his ability to look like a real gentleman Alonso regularly appears on the covers of men’s magazines, and for two years now he is the face of fashion brand Emidio Tucci. Xabi skillfully complements the suit — his favorite outfit, with a tie. Creating the image the football player pays careful attention to the smallest details — from hair to his polished shoes. In his wardrobe we can find casual shirts, knitted sweaters and sweatshirts. For informal trips, dinners and walks with his family Xabi chooses jeans combined with white or plaid shirts, T-shirts and sneakers.


Xabi’s favorite accessory is the watch. Classic or sports depending on the situation — the collection of the football player, he admits, includes more than ten watches of different styles. Without a doubt, Xabi Alonso is a perfect role model not only in the football field but also in the world of fashion.

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