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The king's style

Last year in June international media paid special attention to Spain: Spanish King Juan Carlos I has abdicated, handing over power to the legitimate heir, his son Felipe. He was born on January 30, had an excellent education, and at the age of 46 became a new king.


On the day of Coronation the King Felipe VI was wearing military officer suit of the highest rank. Everybody was admiring him. Ladies were whispering: the new king is really handsome and looks like a true aristocrat. He is almost two meters height!


Despite the fact, that he is a person of high rank, he is a modest man, devoted husband and family man, who spends much time with his wife Letizia and their two charming daughters. People really like the king. The royal couple is not hesitate to communicate with ordinary people, prefers affordable Spanish clothing brands like Mango and Adolfo Domínguez and actively participates in social life. King enjoys reading, going to the cinema with the whole family, and in the evenings he goes out to have dinner with his wife and friends. He is interested in astronomy. Another of his hobbies is sport. He likes cars and motorcycles and loves sailing.


Designer Roberto Torretta claims that the King of Spain has a perfect style and compelling stage presence. According to Roberto Torretta a beard suits the king more than a clean-shaven look. However, the designer recommends Felipe to add some modern details to his perfect classic image. For example, it may be ties with small knots, colored prints, slightly form-fitting suits, etc.


Felipe dresses like a real aristocrat, respecting etiquette norms and rules. He prefers gray and blue tones of clothing rather than bright colors. He always adds accessories of different tones to diversify his image. In every day life the king prefers simple clothes and doesn’t try to stand out from the crowd. The royal kids have been instilled an ability not to show their level of income from childhood. Aristocrats recognize each other not by their looks, but by the manner to behave and speak. So the new king of Spain is a real aristocrat!

The stylish champion Xabi Alonso

World champion and two-time European champion Spanish citizen Xabi Alonso is famous not only as an outstanding football player, but also is known for his elegant and at the same time casual style.


Men in Spain and all across Europe copy his style; although it was not always like this. Skeptics say that the style of football player is not innate, but rather acquired. We can not say for sure if staying in England has influenced the style of Xabi or something else, but what is undeniable is that after he has returned from Liverpool the difference was obvious. The style of Alonso has become more elegant and risky.

Alonso knows what suits him and how to match it. The football player usually prefers elegant black suits that fit him perfectly; that is why Xabi looks great at parties, presentations and other events.


Due to his ability to look like a real gentleman Alonso regularly appears on the covers of men’s magazines, and for two years now he is the face of fashion brand Emidio Tucci. Xabi skillfully complements the suit — his favorite outfit, with a tie. Creating the image the football player pays careful attention to the smallest details — from hair to his polished shoes. In his wardrobe we can find casual shirts, knitted sweaters and sweatshirts. For informal trips, dinners and walks with his family Xabi chooses jeans combined with white or plaid shirts, T-shirts and sneakers.


Xabi’s favorite accessory is the watch. Classic or sports depending on the situation — the collection of the football player, he admits, includes more than ten watches of different styles. Without a doubt, Xabi Alonso is a perfect role model not only in the football field but also in the world of fashion.

Jon Kortajarena’s style guide

The Spanish model, Jon Kortajarena, originally from Bilbao, has stolen the hearts of millions of girls and transformed himself into every fashion designer’s blue-eyed boy.

As an 18-year old Kortajarena became the face of the spring-summer campaign of the Just Cavalli line. Since then he has appeared on a number of other catwalks, participating in shows for Emporio Armani and John Galliano, as well as starring in adverts for Versace. His fame has spread like wildfire. Jon began to work with the likes of famous brands Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, and in 2007 he became a leading Guess model.


In 2009, Forbes magazine named Jon № 8 in the list of most successful male models in the world, and the German magazine GQ called him ‘model of the year’. However, his successes don’t stop there and this year the American Vogue called him the fourth best male model in the history of fashion. What is Kortajarena’s secret to success? The classic looks are always in fashion and in Jon’s eyes he owes much of his own success to his more classical features. Kortajarena can deal with any designers’ style — everything seems to suit him. With regards to Jon’s everyday style, it can be concisely described with the phrase ‘simple and elegant’. Minimal pomp — maximum comfort.


 Kortajarena is a big fan of tight jeans and jackets. The look is complemented by a Lacoste polo shirt and comfortable shoes, perhaps even a foulard as an accessory. For formal events, award ceremonies and red carpet events, the model choose a suit, with shirt and tie; all the while ensuring his style remains casual, even a little sloppy. Disheveled hair and two-day stubble is an unerring part of Jon’s style. If there were one man capable of establishing trends in hairstyle, it would undoubtedly be Kortajarena. Besides his beard, another of his hallmarks are his disheveled bangs, which only his mother is allowed to cut.


The Russian It-Girl

The daughter of a famous Russian politician, the former editor of special projects, the fashion columnist of Russian Harper’s Bazaar, the author of Vogue and Glamour, a welcome guest at international fashion shows and the Russian beauty, Miroslava Duma, has become popular in Russia and in the West due to her innate sense of style and lack of fear to risk, to experiment and to combine incongruous. No other way than The Russian It-Girl call her foreign mass media. In Russia people are trying to model themselves on her or otherwise sharply criticize her. Deservedly? Miroslava says that “was afflicted with fashion, for as long as she can remember herself.” Always experimented with clothes, altered and combined it. Style of the journalist is individual and bright. She manages to get first all fashion things of new collections and her faithful companions from 18 years old are high heels and platform-soles. As for the accessories she prefers massive necklace and classic bags by Hermes. Coats are the real Miroslava´s fetish: short, long, classic, flared or straight, her wardrobe is full of them. Miroslava boldly combines fabrics and textures, but often appears in the classical images. Most frequently the girl chooses A-line skirts above the knee. Another favorite kind of clothes of Duma is oversize jacket, which creates multilayer effect and lightness. She does not keep away from bright colors that not only allow you to stand out from the crowd, but also cheer you up. Miroslava has brought into the fashion so-called street sporty style and knitted caps. Moreover, she is one of the few Russian girls who manage to show brilliantly to the world the original Russian style and knows how to wear scarves and hats with a charm. No matter what they say, Miroslava knows

perfectly how to dress: bright, stylish and with taste. Therefore, not only the Russian, but also foreign, attempt to look like her, and fashion designers are invited her to the forefront of their shows.

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Blanca Suarez´s style guide

The young promising Spanish cinema star and new actress of Almodovar movie had been interested in fashion since she was a child. Blanca Suarez enjoyed playing with clothes that her mother was going to discard. She invented styles or copied classic films images. This passion for impersonation led her to the world of cinema.

Blanca was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by GQ magazine in 2012, the best Spanish actress at Neox Fan Awards and Best Actress of Spanish series. Her image appeared on the front of magazines such as GQ, Glamour, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Man and FHM. The year 2014 was very successful for Blanca. Suárez became the face of Tous and Intimissimi brands. Vogue appreciated her sense of style and offered her to start a fashion blog.

The actress describes herself as a shy and quiet person, but when it comes to clothes, no doubt, she takes risks and experiments. She prefers modest classic clothing, diluting the style with vivid details. A short black dress is the infallible option for any exclusive event, presentation or party. Plunging neckline long dress or open back leather dresses with prints, transparent details and crystals can be found in her wardrobe. And she looks great wearing all this clothing. Black and white are her favorite colors, but she does not deny bright patterns. Her style is very refined. To emphasize her figure she chooses dresses and pencil skirts, and combine them with stylish shoes and accessories.

In everyday life the actress prefers casual style. Jeans shorts, skirts, simple shirts and ballet flats are a big part of her wardrobe. Because to look spectacular, even wearing the most modest clothing is the ability of the true fashion-mongers like Blanca Suarez.

Blanca-Suarez (2) blanca-suárez 158903-871-1272 blanca-goya blanca_suarez_en_7dias_7looks_327187518_800x1200 Blanca Suarez Blanca Suarez

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