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This spring, designers offer a variety of denim garments. Denim overalls, dresses, shirts and skirts are the main trends of this summer 2015. [caption id="attachment_91409" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Read more

Nightlife in Spain is very attractive to both tourists and locals. After the hour of ten o'clock in the evening, after the sunset everybody goes out. The most typical time to have dinner is ten o'clock in the evening. And at midnight the famous "Marcha" begins, when people have fun in different bars and discos, going there one after another to relax after a hard working day, to... Read more

In Spain there are many wonderful areas, where traditional agriculture coexists perfectly with modern world. To these areas run old route of pilgrims and it seems, that nothing had changed since the Middle Ages. We are talking about the Catalan Pyrenees. The charm of these places is that most of the villages are lost in the mountains, surrounded by wild nature... Read more

This year is supposed to be perfect for health tourism, claimed Secretary of State for Tourism Isabel Borrego during the exhibition Fitur 2015. The Government is actively implementing programs aimed at attracting tourists wishing to improve their health to the country's spas. It is estimated that in Spain there are about two thousand mineral and thermal... Read more

The Spanish designer Roberto Verino a native of Galicia, the owner of more than 150 fashion boutiques worldwide, gave us an exclusive interview. You... Read more

Last year in June international media paid special attention to Spain: Spanish King Juan Carlos I has abdicated, handing over power to the legitimate heir, his son Felipe. He was born on January 30, had an excellent education, and at the age of 46 became a new king.  Read more

May 5 – 10, 2015 Bridal Week will traditionally take place in Barcelona. This year the event celebrates its 25th anniversary. More than 200 Spanish and foreign fashion houses will present outfits and accessories for the newlyweds. USA is honorary guest country at this anniversary edition of Bridal Week; designer Katharine Polk will present new collections by... Read more

Do you go on holiday with one suitcase and come back with two or three, even though you are no a robber, tomb raider or a speculator? Well, it's a very common story if one of your destinations is a town outlet of Chic Outlet Shopping® chain. Those are great outlet malls; each of them has about 100 boutiques of the most famous brands. These malls can be found in eleven cities,... Read more





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